Security Window Tinting


We all want to make sure our home or office is secure from intruders, storms, or accidents. While windows add a beautiful design element to a home or office, it is a point of vulnerability when it comes to security.

Window film can help assist by providing security to windows in your home or office. Our window films adds a barrier of strength to your existing windows.

In the event of a storm, window film transforms your windows into shatterproof glass preventing further injury to those nearby, since the glass is contained.

With window tinting, what could be a “Smash and Grab” moment, can turn into “Smash and Arrest.” Because our window film does not shatter, criminals are discouraged from entering your home or office, protecting your valuables, especially your loved ones.

Accidents will happen, but with window film installed on your home or office windows, the damage can be lessened. Window film provides that extra layer of security to your existing windows. It keeps broken glass due to an accident, contained, causing less injuries or harm to your home or office.

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