Residential Window Tinting Security


Unprotected windows can be unfortunate in the event of an accident, hurricane, or criminal mischief. Protecting your family is of utmost importance.

Our Hüper Optik window film provides the first defense of security for your windows. Our films not only keep shattered glass from flying and causing injury to bystanders, but it also deters criminals from continuing their attempt to break-in.

Accidents Happen

At one time or another, an accident will happen in most families. Be prepared. Our security window film keeps broken glass together, so not to cause harm to those nearby.

Storms & Hurricanes

Living in Houston, so close to the coast, we are always ready for a tropical storm or hurricane. One way to protect your valuables is to install window tinting. With the high winds of hurricanes or tropical storms, windows are bound to get broken. Our window film provides protection from flying objects and further damage from strong winds and rain.

Criminal Activity

Since our window film keeps shattered glass together, criminals are quickly intimidated when the glass they try to break is not easily removed.  Statistics show that the slightest deterrent will have a criminal moving on to their next victim.

Protect your family and your assets by calling Sun Tech Glass Tinting today!