Hüper Optik Difference

Hüper Optik Difference

Hüper Optik is an innovator in energy efficiency solutions, and fuel conservation for the global marketplace. The patented nanoceramic and multilayered film technologies offer aesthetics, durability, performance, fromt a trusted international brand. Hüper Optik’s film technologies offer durability, and chemical stability in saltwater, coastal and elevated environments, which makes them ideal for energy conservation in vacation properties. Hüper products do not change the aesthetic value of glass, and provide up to 98% infrared rejection, and 99.9% ultraviolet rejection. The Hüper Security Film lines increase the shatter resistance of glass.

Select Series Film Technology

  • Engineered with precious metals for superior performance
  • Highest VLT coupled with greatest energy saving features

Fusion Series Film Technology

  • Dual reflective technology, without low interior reflection
  • Neutral tones, no bluish coloring

Exterior Series Film Technology

  • ‘Weatherable’ coating for institutional installations
  • Exterior hardcoat specially manufactured for weather exposure
  • Specially engineered with a strong anti-scratch coating

Ceramic Series Film Technology

  • Patented Dual Layer Ceramics
  • Multilayered nanoceramic technology for best durability
  • German engineered for superior technology

Security Series Film Technology

  • Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with heavier ‘coat weight’ to hold film together upon impact
  • X-treme Optiks Series Film Technology
  • Color stable technology
  • Dye-infused laminate preserves color, helps prevent fading