Commercial Window Tinting Security


Hüper Optik safety and security film creates a layer of protection on your windows which provides extra security for your office, store front or commercial building. Our safety and security film adds strength to your windows which makes them shatterproof. This protects your commercial building from “Smash and Grab” burglaries and reduces injuries during a storm since your glass is contained by our window film.

Security films are made of multi-layers of mylar substrate and are installed on either the interior or exterior glass surface, dependent upon the application. After installation, we can then apply an optional structural sealant around the frame edges to secure the glass within the frame which will hold it in place in case of a high impact forceful entry attempt. Turn “Smash and Grab” into “Smash and Arrest,” and reduce your losses from accidents and natural disasters.

Our films have been installed for government agencies such as NOAA and institutions very important to our community like the Methodist Hospital System.

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