Replacing Windows vs. Repairing Your Windows & Adding Window Film

People seem to think that they need to replace their single pane windows with dual pane (low E) windows.

This depends on what kind of condition your single pane windows are in.  Are they leaking water, air, or are they cracked?

All single pane glass windows are repairable by your local glass company.  Gaskets and trim pieces can restore your single pane windows back to new at a fraction of the cost of replacing them with dual pane windows.  So why opt for the very high expense of replacing the windows in your home when you can have them cleaned, repaired and reconditioned and then add window film to make them perform better than dual pane windows?

Did you know that by stopping 50% of the heat from passing through your windows, the window film will pay for itself within 36 months vs. over 30 years to recoup the cost of installing new double pane (low E) windows?

Window film is a more cost effective way to reduce your energy bill while making your ambient space cooler and maintaining a clear view.  Films are available from clear to different shade variations.  There are numerous window film options to suit your needs that offer numerous benefits like UV protection to stop the fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs, drapes, and artwork; reduced energy bill; stronger windows for added protection; enhanced daytime privacy; and a lifetime warranty.

Window film comes in different variations of visible light transmission, meaning different amounts of light that pass through the film.   For example, we have a clear invisible film that can stop up to 88% of the heat from passing through the glass while maintaining a clear view.

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