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If you are looking for a professional company to do window tinting in Spring, TX, look no further than Sun Tech Glass Tinting. We have serviced the Houston and surrounding areas for 30 years and offer you the most reliable window tinting service possible. Not only are we accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but we are also Home Advisor Five-Star Rated. If you have a home or business in Sprint, TX, you can count on us to tint your windows right. Our installers are qualified to service houses and big buildings, so no matter what your tinting needs are rest assured we can meet them head on.

We are Hüper Optik® dealers so we offer this high-quality film to all of our customers. It is more effective than conventional dyed and metallic films, so the natural view of your windows is preserved. It also improves the aesthetics of your home or business. People who need window tinting in Spring, TX will receive Hüper Optik® film if you let the experts at Sun Tech Glass Tinting install it for you. We install Hüper Optik® in Houston homes and business all the time and they have all experienced a great improvement as a result.

Another thing you should know about getting window tinting in Spring, TX is that it will save you plenty on energy costs. It instantly makes your home or business easier to cool down because your air conditioner does not have to work overtime. This means your energy bills are lowered and you can spend your money on more useful things. Also, there is a degree of security along with getting window tinting in Spring, TX with Sun Tech Glass Tinting. When “smash and grab” robbers try to break the glass, the film will hold the shards in place, acting as a guard against the would-be thieves. This is a great deterrent to those who are thinking about breaking your windows and stealing your possessions. In addition, if any storms come this way and high winds start to throw objects around, your windows will not break if something hits them.

Sun Tech Glass Tinting has a commitment to provide excellent window tinting as well as the Houston and surrounding areas. We also dowindow tinting in Katy, TX and window tinting in Pearland, TX as well as Houston. For window tinting, give us a call at 832-900-7672. Contact Us For A Free Estimate!

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High Quality Window Tinting Spring Tx Services Provide Much More than Just Privacy Benefits

Although many folks out there might think that high quality window tinting only serves the purpose of adding some privacy, the truth is that window tinting can bring so much more- especially if it’s window tinting Spring Tx service from Sun Tech!

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Reduce Your Electrical Bills with Window Tinting Spring TX

[Posted 23 Apr 2013 by: Steve Meyer]

Window tint, which is often referred to as window film, is an adhesive film that is applied to your exterior windows. While some homeowners have tints installed for privacy, and others have tints installed for the aesthetics, wise homeowners are always looking for ways to save money long term, and window tinting in Spring TX can do this. To understand just how your energy bills will go down, you must understand how thermal heat comes into the home.

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