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Window tinting in Pearland, TX will help you save on energy costs, reduce glare, prevent fading damage and provide you with a sense of security all in one! Sun Tech Glass Tinting can provide window tinting in Pearland for your home or business. We have installed window tinting in Houston on several office buildings, including some downtown. Since we are Hüper Optik® Houston dealers, we are able to provide the people of Pearland with the most exquisite window tinting possible. Hüper Optik® film is more effective than the old metallic and conventionally dyed film. It does not have that mirrored look that detracts from a building’s aesthetics. Like European luxury, it enhances the look and feel of anyone’s home or office and gives it a new facet of personality.

Everyone is looking for ways to cut down on energy costs these days. With window tinting in Pearland, you can lower those high energy bills and make it easier for your cooling system to keep the temperature comfortable inside your home or office. Hüper Optik® film blocks out about 99.9 percent of the harmful UV rays from the sun and it also blocks 98 percent of the infrared heat as well. These will also cause your furniture, curtains and flooring to sustain fading damage. With window tinting from Sun Tech Glass Tinting, you can stay cool inside your home or office and protect the things inside of it.

Window tinting in Pearland, TX from Sun Tech Glass Tinting also can act as a deterrent to “smash and grab” robbers who are thinking about breaking your windows and stealing your possessions. If a thief tries to break your windows with our Houston window tint on it, they will only succeed in cracking the glass but not shattering it. The broken shards will stay in place. This is also good for when storms blow into Pearland. Any flying debris that tries to damage your windows will meet with our strong and tough window film and prevent anything from being damaged inside your home or office.

Sun Tech Glass Tinting has been providing window tinting in Houston, Texas for 30 years and we also provide services for the surrounding areas such as Pearland. We also do window tinting in Katy, TX and window tinting in Spring, TX as well. If you want to find out more about our services for window tinting in Pearland, TX, give us a call at 832-900-7671. Contact Us For A Free Estimate!

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Reduced Fading

The ultraviolet light from the sun that shines into your home causes interior furniture to fade. Furniture that has faded will have a shortened life due to looking old and worn. Window tinting in Pearland TX will keep out up to 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays and extend the life of your furniture. This is an inexpensive way for you to avoid the premature fading of your furniture and spending money for replacements.

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