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If you are in Houston, window tinting could be one of the most beneficial investments you ever make. Sun Tech Glass Tinting provides window tinting for both homes and businesses. For over 30 years, we have installed window tinting using the highest quality material and the utmost professionalism. Many homes and businesses have been grateful they called our number. Once they did, our customers received the best workmanship along with the honesty and reliability that it takes to do window tinting right. Since we are Hüper Optik® Houston dealers, we are able to offer our customers the most sophisticated window film on the market. Unlike the old metallic and mirrored tints, Hüper Optik® is a smarter choice and it provides a clearer view. It solves many of the problems associated with window tinting such as heat reduction, visibility, energy efficiency, fade reduction and glare control.

Saving businesses and homeowners on energy costs with residential window tinting in Houston and commercial window tinting in Houston is a major priority with Sun Tech Glass Tinting. Houston window tinting with Hüper Optik® accomplishes this goal easily. It blocks more than 99.9 percent of the ultraviolet rays from the sun as well as 98 percent of the infrared heat. Fading damage is usually caused by these factors and our window tinting services will prevent this from happening. With window tinting in Houston, your furniture, computers, flooring and curtains will be protected from fading. You can still enjoy the natural sunlight while protecting your belongings at the same time.

Also, if a “smash and grab” robber tries to break the glass, they will have a hard time holding the broken glass in place. With increased impact protection, Hüper Optik® window tinting is designed to keep the glass together even though it is shattered. Also, in case a hurricane blows into Houston or a major storm, your tinted windows will hold up against any flying debris.

Above all, our Houston window tint services provide with excellent aesthetics. We take the time to make sure that all window tinting done by Sun Tech Glass Tinting matches the design of your home or office. They add beauty and style to any place they are installed in on top of everything else.

If you want to find out more about our Houston window tinting services, give us a call at 832-900-7671. Contact Us For A Free Estimate!

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Rely on Sun Tech Glass Tinting for Quality Houston Window Tinting Service

With nearly three decades of experience under our belts, Sun Tech Glass Tinting is the right company to rely on if you’re looking to enjoy the many great benefits found with having your home’s windows professionally tinted. Sun Tech Glass Tinting not only has the experience needed, we also have the Houston window tinting solution whose quality can’t be matched in Huper Optik.

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The Many Benefits of Houston Window Tinting

[Posted on Feb 4 by: Steve Meyer]

Once the initial cost of window tinting takes place, homeowners can sit back, relax and save extra money for vacations or their retirement years. Sun Tech’s quality Houston Window Tinting helps to create more warmth during the winter months and cooler air during the summer months. Instead of turning the heating unit to its largest capacity, the smart homeowner can lower the level of heat emanating from the heater while still enjoying a comfortable indoor temperature. The same rule applies to an air conditioner. Window tinting also helps to keep colder air inside of the home, which means extra savings in the bank.

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