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Window tinting offers so much to commercial business owners. Not only does window tinting add an aesthetic touch, it can provide security, privacy, and an energy-saving element. At Sun Tech Glass Tinting, we use our 30 years of experience to provide commercial window tinting in Houston for businesses that want the look and feel of tinted windows without the bubbles and discoloring that accompany most tinting jobs. We use only the best when installing window tinting in Houston businesses, so that is why we use Hüper Optik®. Hüper Optik® in Houston businesses provides a 99.9 percent rejection of ultraviolet light and 98 percent rejection of infrared heat, which are two main causes of fading. This protects carpet, furniture, curtains, flooring and walls from fading and increases security as well.

Having commercial window tinting in Houston offers many benefits to your commercial building. First, heat can be reduced by as much as 98 percent. This increases comfort and reduces the utility operation costs. The Houston sun can sometimes cause an irritating glare and window tinting with Hüper Optik® can reduce that dramatically while still allowing you to have enough light to see in your office. Harmful UV rays are reduced by 99.9 percent, thus protecting your furniture, equipment and employees. Commercial window tinting in Houston also provides privacy from onlookers. This means your employees can concentrate more on work and not on the people outside. In addition, window tinting deters “smash and grab” robbers who are thinking about breaking your windows and stealing merchandise. You also have a degree of protection from flying debris during storms as well as accidents.

With a full line of Hüper Optik® window film, we can custom match the design of the exterior of your building as well as the color. Our professional installers will work quickly and efficiently, so there is no disruption of your daily operations.

We have committed ourselves to serving businesses in the Houston area using honesty and integrity when providing commercial window tinting. In Houston, our work can be viewed in places such as CenterPoint Energy, the City of Houston, Alvin Community College, the City of Clear Lake Shores, O’Reilly Auto Parts and many buildings in downtown Houston.

Since Sun Tech Glass Tinting offers such high-quality work along with a high level of customer satisfaction, we have earned a solid reputation for being reliable and knowledgeable. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and are a Home Advisor Five-Star Rated company. If you are in need of commercial window tinting, give Sun Tech Glass Tinting a call at 832-900-7673.

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Sun Tech Glass Offers Commercial Window Tinting Houston Businesses Can Trust

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Protect Furnishings Furnishings, window treatments and floors are all vulnerable to sunlight. When generous amounts of sunlight enter into a building or office space, all of these items can become damaged because of the light. UV light penetrates the glass and accelerates wear and tear on the window treatments and flooring. Paintings and decorative elements may fade under the intensity of the sunlight. This may cause clients and tenants to have to replace these items as they become damaged. With commercial window tinting in Houston, the items within the structure are better protected. This results in tremendous cost savings to occupants.

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